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After hosting folk music shows on KUT and KUTX for over 40 years, Ed now has a new home on solar-powered Sun Radio. “Across the Pond” can be heard every Sunday 9-10am (CST).

This is a musical Atlantic bridge featuring music from both Scotland/Ireland/England AND the USA, making connections whenever possible. Ed’s love and vast knowledge of folk music shows through in the myriad of themes and topics he splices together. “Across the Pond” can be heard at 100.1FM in the greater Austin area or anywhere in the world at

Playlists from each show can be seen below or on the Facebook page “Across the Pond with Ed Miller

ACROSS THE POND 5 DEC 2021  –  Songs from Dundee

  1. The McCalmans/The Road & the Miles tae Dundee/Lost Tracks
  2. Jim Reid/Eh’m Fae Dundee/Emfae Dundee
  3. Michael Marra/Frieda Kahlo’s Visit to the Taybridge Bar/High Sobriety
  4. Emily Smith/Reres Hill/Echoes
  5. Jim Reid/The Dundee Weaver/Emfae Dundee
  6. Robin & Barry Dransfield/The Banks o’ the Sweet Dundee/Popular to Contrary Belief
  7. Ewan Robertson & Gary Innes/Magdalene Green/Shouts
  8. Michael Marra/General Grant’s Visit to the Tay Bridge
  9. Mary Brooksbank/The Jute Mill Song/Festival at Blair
  10. Sheena Wellington/The Women of Dundee/Clearsong
  11. Artie Trezise & Cilla Fisher/The Spinner’s Wedding/Balcanqual
  12. Sheena Wellington/The Beano & the Dandy/Clearsong
  13. Jimmy Hutchison/The Overgate/Scots Songs & Ballads
  14. Jim Reid/Adieu Dundee/Emfae Dundee


Mills & Millers

  1. Ken Campbell/Tune for November/Hand Pict
  2. Planxty/Aragon Mill/Between the Jigs and the Reels
  3. Dan Crary/The Dusty Miller/Bluegrass Guitar
  4. Jock Tamson’s Bairns/The Dusty Miller/May You Never Lack a Scone
  5. Joey Abarta/The Rocky Road to Dublin; The Dusty Miller/Swimming against the Tide
  6. Brass Monkey/The Miller’s 3 Sons/The Complete Brass Monkey
  7. Davis Grisman & Jerry Garcia/The Miller’s Will/Not for Kids Only
  8. New Lost City Ramblers/Old Man at the Mill/40 Years of Concert Recordings
  9. The House Band/3 Rusty Swords; The Dusty Miller/October Song
  10. Artie Trezise & Cilla Fisher/The Maid Gaed tae the Mill/Artie & Cilla
  11. Stravaig/I Am a Miller tae My Trade/Movin’ On
  12. The Oldham Tinkers/The Lancashire Miller/An Introduction to The Oldham Tinkers
  13. Old Blind Dogs/Mill o’ Tifty’s Annie/The World’s Room
  14. Alasdair Fraser & Jody Stecher/The Mill at Laggan/The Driven Bow 


Gypsy Laddie/3 Gypsies/Gypsy Davy/Blackjack Davy – following one song theme from Scotland to Ireland to Appalachia to Texas…….

  1. Jeannie Robertson/The Gypsy Laddies/The Great Scots Traditional Ballade Singer
  2. Archie Fisher/Three Gypsies/Archie Fisher
  3. Davie Graham/Seven Gypsies/Folk Blues & Beyond
  4. Emily Smith/Gypsy Davy/Traiveller’s Joy
  5. Clare Hastings/Seven Gypsies/Those Who Roam
  6. Derek McCormack/The Gypsy Rover/Legends of Irish Folk 2
  7. Planxty/Raggle Taggle Gypsy/Planxty
  8. Frank Proffit/Gyps of David/Trad’l Songs & Ballads of Appalachia
  9. Sheila Kay Adams/Black Jack Davy/My Dearest Dear
  10. Bob Dylan/Blackjack Davey/Good As I Been to You
  11. Woody Guthrie/Gypsy Davy/This Land Is Your Land
  12. Incredible String Band/Black Jack David/Across the Airwaves
  13. Don Edwards/Gypsy Davey/West of Yesterday
  14. Taj Mahal/Blackjack Davey/Mo’ Roots