Across the Pond 12 Sept. 2021

ACROSS THE POND 12 Sept   :   Songs of Labor

  1. Andy Irvine/The Spirit of Mother Jones/Abocurragh
  2. Luke Kelly/Joe Hill/The Collection
  3. Andy Irvine/Never Tire of the Road/Rain on the Roof
  4. Christy Moore/Ludlow Massacre/Prosperous
  5. Paddy Reilly/Deportees/Greatest Hits – Live
  6. Kate & Anne McGarrigle/Jacques and Giles/Sing Me the Songs
  7. Si Kahn/Down the Merrimac River/Threads
  8. The Poozies/Cotton Mill Girls/Dansoozies
  9. Solas w. Dick Gaughan/Labour Song/Shamrock City
  10. Daniel Dempsey/Schooldays Over/Joy of Living – Tribute to Ewan MacColl
  11. Dick Gaughan/Which Side Are You On/Live in Edinburgh
  12. Pete Seeger/The Banks Are Made of Marble/The Pete Seeger Story
  13. Christy Moore/Ordinary Man/The Christy Moore Collection


Mother Jones                                                                Ludlow Massacre Memorial, Trinidad CO