Across the Pond 19 Sept. 2021


  1. Cathy Jordan etc/I Am of Ireland/I Am of Ireland
  2. Dave Curley, Cillian Vallely etc/He Tells of the Perfect Beauty/I Am of Ireland
  3. Jackie Oates etc/Brown Penny/I Am of Ireland
  4. Seamie O’Dowd/The Fiddler of Dooney/I Am of Ireland


  1. Scott Murray/Afterlight/There Was a Love
  2. Donald Black/Mary K.’s Waltz/Northern Lights
  3. Corrine Hewat/There Was a Sang/There Was a Love
  4. Donald Black/Canadian Scottish/Northern Lights
  5. Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley/James & Emilie Kirkness/Northern Lights
  6. Bob Leslie/The Land of the Sioux and the Cree/The Barren Fig
  7. Gnoss/The Silver Fox/The Light of the Moon
  8. Willie Campbell & Kris Drever/Spindrift/Between Islands
  9. Maggie Adamson, Louise Bichan etc/Uist Wedding;Mairi’s Wedding; St Kilda Wedding March/Between Islands
  10. Maggie Adamson, Louise Bichan etc/Fishing Puirt; The Stronsay Weaver/Between Islands



Across the Pond 12 Sept. 2021

ACROSS THE POND 12 Sept   :   Songs of Labor

  1. Andy Irvine/The Spirit of Mother Jones/Abocurragh
  2. Luke Kelly/Joe Hill/The Collection
  3. Andy Irvine/Never Tire of the Road/Rain on the Roof
  4. Christy Moore/Ludlow Massacre/Prosperous
  5. Paddy Reilly/Deportees/Greatest Hits – Live
  6. Kate & Anne McGarrigle/Jacques and Giles/Sing Me the Songs
  7. Si Kahn/Down the Merrimac River/Threads
  8. The Poozies/Cotton Mill Girls/Dansoozies
  9. Solas w. Dick Gaughan/Labour Song/Shamrock City
  10. Daniel Dempsey/Schooldays Over/Joy of Living – Tribute to Ewan MacColl
  11. Dick Gaughan/Which Side Are You On/Live in Edinburgh
  12. Pete Seeger/The Banks Are Made of Marble/The Pete Seeger Story
  13. Christy Moore/Ordinary Man/The Christy Moore Collection


Mother Jones                                                                Ludlow Massacre Memorial, Trinidad CO


Across the Pond 8 Aug 2021 – Highwaymen


  1. Solas/The Newry Highwayman/Solas
  2. Pete Coe/Turpin Hero/The Search for Five-Fingered Frank
  3. Reg Meuross/Lizzie Loved a Highwayman/Dragonfly
  4. John Doyle/Sovay/Evening Comes Early
  5. Pete Coe/The Highwayman Outwitted/The Search for 5-Fingered Frank
  6. Steve Tilston/The Naked Highwayman/Of Moor & Mesa
  7. Clancy Bros & Tommy Makem/Brennan on the Moor/50 Greatest Tracks
  8. The Dubliners/Whiskey in the Jar/The Dubliners Live
  9. Mark Dunlop/Shane Crossaigh/Islands on the Moon
  10. Paul McKenna Band/Michael Hayes/Elements
  11. Hamish Imlach/McPherson’s Farewell/The Definitive Transatlantic Collection
  12. John Doyle/Jack Dolan/Wayward Son
  13. Boys of the Lough/The Boston Burglar/The New Line

Across the Pond – Aug 29

Normally, most of the music played on Across the Pond is from Scotland, Ireland and England, with a few American additions. The August 29 show, however, will feature American songwriters, singing about Ireland….Tom Paxton, Tim O’Brien, Si Kahn, Joe Jencks along with several Texas singers.

Scotland Tour 2022 cancelled

It breaks my heart to have to cancel next year’s Folksong Tour of Scotland. However, because of the stupidity/selfishness of so many people in the country, especially Texas, there is always the chance that the COVID infection could mutate into other forms and be an ongoing problem. Because of that, along with the bad memory of taking a big financial hit over the cancellation of the 2020 tour, guide Charles Hunter and I have agreed not to take the risk of a repeat.