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After hosting folk music shows on KUT and KUTX for over 40 years, Ed now has a new home on solar-powered Sun Radio. “Across the Pond” can be streamed every Sunday 4-5pm (CST) at  on line anywhere or by going to the app and clicking on Listen Live

This is a musical Atlantic bridge featuring music from both Scotland/Ireland/England AND the USA, making connections whenever possible. Ed’s love and vast knowledge of folk music shows through in the myriad of themes and topics he splices together.

Playlists from each show can be seen below or on the Facebook page “Across the Pond with Ed Miller


  1. Battlefield Band/The Dear Green Place/Home Ground
  2. Adam McNaughtan/The Dear Green Place/Last Stand at Mt Florida
  3. Cilla Fisher/Lady Glasgow/
  4. Tannahill Weavers/The Big Ships/Epona
  5. Matt McGinn/The Ballad of the Q4/The Best of….
  6. Ed Miller/The Song of the Hammers/Lowlander
  7. Battlefield Band/The River/Quiet Days
  8. McCall Smith & James Ross/Built on the Clyde/These Are the Hands
  9. Norrie MacIvor/Govan Boys/Norrie MacIvor & the Glasgow Barons
  10. Adam McNaughtan/Pullin’ Down the Buildings/Words, Words, Words
  11. Adam McNaughtan/The Jeely Piece Song/Words, Words, Words
  12. Iain MacIntosh/I Wish I Was in Glasgow/A Better Class of Folk
  13. Ian Davison/Going Home to Glasgow/The Best of Ian Davison



  1. The Corries/Flower of Scotland/Live in Scotland Vol.1
  2. William Jackson/Land of Light/Land of Light
  3. Arthur Johnstone/Scots Wha Hae/For Freedom Alone
  4. Jim Reid/Freedom Come All Ye/A’ the Bairns o’ Adam
  5. Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas/Freedom Come All Ye/Ports of Call
  6. Bruce Davies/Jock Tamson’s Bairns/Til a’ the Seas Gang Dry
  7. Battlefield Band/The Same Old Story/Threads
  8. Ed Miller & Rich Brotherton/Scotland’s Story/Follow the Music
  9. The McAlmans/Scots Abroad/Scots Abroad
  10. Matt McGinn/Ballad of John MacLean/The Best of….
  11. Arthur Johnstone/John MacLean March/Down through the Years
  12. Jim Malcolm/Sweet Home Caledonia/Disaster for Scotland
  13. Eric Bogle/Across the Hills of Home/Scotland Now


  1. Andy M Stewart/The Echo Mocks the Corncrake/The Man in the Moon
  2. MacAlias/Gin I Were a Blackbird/Highwired
  3. Kathryn Tickell/The Magpie/Debatable Land
  4. Karen Casey & John Doyle/Nightingale/Exiles Return
  5. Silly Wizard/Toon o’ Dunkeld; Curlew/”Live” Again
  6. The Dubliners/The Nightingale/Transatlantic Collection
  7. Ed Miller & Rich Brotherton/Wild Ripplin’ Waters/Follow the Music
  8. Niamh Parsons/Blackbirds & Thrushes/Blackbirds & Thrushes
  9. Emily Smith/Hawk & Crow/Echoes
  10. Fine Friday/The Cuckoo/Gone Dancing/
  11. Doc Watson/The Cuckoo/The Vanguard Years
  12. Dervish/The Lark in the Strand/Decade
  13. Malinky/Follow the Heron/3 Ravens
  14. Steve Tilston & Maggie Boyle/The Night Owl/Of Moor & Mesa


  1. Tannahill Weavers/Sunset over the Somme/Orach
  2. Eric Bogle/Greenfields of France/Eric Bogle Songbook Vol.2
  3. Robin Laing/Georgie MaCrae/Far Far from Ypres
  4. Malinky/Jimmy Waddell; Battle of the Somme/Far Far from Ypres
  5. Martyn Bennett/Jacobite Bebop/Martyn Bennett
  6. Battlefield Band/The Great White Herring/Line-Up
  7. Liam Clancy/The Shoals of Herring/The Wild & Wasteful Ocean
  8. Gaugers/The Herring is the King of the Sea/Awa wi the Rovin’ Sailor
  9. John Doyle/North Sea Holes/Evening Comes Early
  10. Various/Come a’ Ye Fisher Lassies/Singing the Fishing
  11. Malinky/The Trawling Trade/3 Ravens
  12. John Connolly/Married to a Trawlerman/Trawlertown
  13. Ian Campbell Folk Group/Its Busk Busk Me Lads/Singing the Fishing
  14. Ian Bruce/Tatties an’ Herrin’/Hodden Grey


  1. De Danann/My Irish Molly/The Star-Spangled Molly
  2. Battlefield Band/Sweet Molly; The Symmetry; The Boat Leaks/The Road of Tears
  3. The Dubliners/Molly Malone/Collection Vol.II
  4. Seamus Kennedy/The Sons of Molly/On the Rocks
  5. Craobh Rua/Molly McCarthy/If Ida Been Here, Ida Been There
  6. Tim O’Brien/Handsome Molly/Odd Man In
  7. Emily Smith/Molly, Lovely Molly/A Day Like Today
  8. Archie Fisher/Dark-Eyed Molly/The Man with a Rhyme
  9. Andy Irvine etc/Molly Ban/Usher’s Island
  10. Dervish/Molly & Johnny/Live in Palma
  11. Colm O’Donnell/Molly Brannigan/Celtic Mouth Music
  12. Solas/Molly from Longford/Sunny Spells & Scattered Showers
  13. Si Kahn/Molly in the Mill/In My Heart
  14. John Stewart/Run Molly Run/Wires from the Bunker
  15. Len Graham/Molly Ban a Stoir/Collected
  16. Bob Wills & the Texas Playboys/Miss Molly


  1. Jim Malcolm/Tam o’ Shanter/Tam o’ Shanter and Other Tales
  2. Archie Fisher/The Child on the Road/Archie Fisher
  3. Outside Track/False Knight on the Road/Flash Company
  4. Battlefield Band/The Devil’s Courtship/Happy Daze
  5. The Chieftains & Doc Watson/Devil’s Dream/Further Down the Old Plank Road
  6. Lintie/The Widow and the Devil/Lintie
  7. Sheila Kay Adams/The Farmer’s Curst Wife/Whatever Happened to…
  8. Martin Carthy/The Devil & the Feathery Wife/Rigs of the Time
  9. Dan Crary/Devil’s Dream/Bluegrass Guitar
  10. Norman Blake/Tying a Knot in the Devil’s Tail/The Hobo’s Last Ride
  11. Ed Miller/The Devil Made Texas/Edinburgh Rambler
  12. Hamish Moore/Devil in the Kitchen/Stepping on the Bridge
  13. Liam Clancy/Whiskey You’re the Devil/The Lark in the Morning
  14. Dick Gaughan/The Drunk Rent Collector/True and Bold


  1. Liam O’Flynn/The Fox Chase/Out to Another Side
  2. Martin Wyndham Reed/The Noble Fox Hunting/English Sporting Ballads
  3. Jimmy Crowley/The Fox & the Hare/Uncorked
  4. Robin & Barry Dransfield/Daddy Fox/Up To Now
  5. The Fureys/Song for the Fox/Winds of Change
  6. Brass Monkey/Foxhunt/The Complete Brass Monkey
  7. Paddy O’Brian/The Foxhunters Chorus/Stranger at the Gate
  8. Christy Moore/Foxy Devil/The Early Years
  9. Dave Webber/Charlie Fox/Solo Together
  10. Roberts & Barrand/Two Foxes/Twiddlum Twaddlum
  11. Andy Irvine/Ballad of Rennardine/Mosaic
  12. Archie Fisher/Reynardine/Archie Fisher
  13. Open the Door for Three/Black Donald the Piper/The Penny Wager
  14. Open the Door for Three/John Egan’s/Open the Door for Three


ACROSS THE POND 19 MARCH 2023   – Irish in Scotland & England

  1. Paul McKenna Band/The Mickey Dam/Elements
  2. Al O’Donnell/Crooked Jack/Al O’Donnell
  3. Kevin Mitchell/Paddy in Glasgow/I Sang That Sweet Refrain
  4. John F O’Donnell/The Tunnel Tigers/The End of the Shift
  5. Frank Harte/Tunnel Tigers/There’s Gangs of Them Digging
  6. Paddy Reilly/McAlpine’s Fusiliers/Legends of Irish Folk Vol.1
  7. Ed Miller & Rich Brotherton/London Town/Follow the Music
  8. Mike McGoldrick et al/Paddy in the Smoke/Transatlantic Sessions 3
  9. Barry Dransfield/Irish Session/Wings of the Sphinx
  10. Gerry Timlin/The Irish Pub Song/Between the Earth & the Sky
  11. Christy Moore/Don’t Forget Your Shovel/The Time Has Come
  12. Donie Carroll/Murphy Can Never Go Home/Down the Slippery Gap
  13. Ralph McTell/From Clare to Here/The Songs of Ralph McTell
  14. Kevin Crawford & John Doyle/Paddy Sean Nancy’s/Carrying the Tune

ACROSS THE POND 12 MARCH 2023   Irish in America

  1. Pete Morton/From Ireland/Courage, Love & Grace
  2. Luka Bloom/City of Chicago/Refuge
  3. Mick Moloney/If It Wasn’t for the Irish & the Jews/ If it Wasn’t for the Irish & the Jews
  4. The Bucks & Ron Kavana/What a Time/Dancin’ to the Ceili Band
  5. Mick Moloney/No Irish Need Apply/Far From the Shamrock Shore
  6. Tim Henderson/No Irish Need Apply/Ballads at Grins
  7. Crannua Collective/The Civil War Song/The Crannua Collective
  8. Tom Lewis/St Patrick’s Song/360
  9. Mick Moloney/St Patrick’s Day Parade/McNally’s Row of Flats
  10. Bing Crosby/St Patrick’s Day Parade/Top o’ the Morning
  11. Mick Moloney/Pat Murphy of the Irish Brigade/Far from the Shamrock Shore
  12. Jeff Warner & Jeff Davis/Pat Do This/Old Time Music on the Air V.2
  13. Mick Moloney/Paddy on the Railway/Far From the Shamrock Shore
  14. Jig Jam/Red Paddy on the Ridge/Phoenix
  15. Tom Russell/Patrick Russell/The Man from God Knows Where

ACROSS THE POND 5 MARCH 2023    Ramblers & Rovers Vol.2

  1. Andy M Stewart/Ramblin’ Rover/By the Hush
  2. Patrick Street/You Rambling Boys of Pleasure/After the Break
  3. Dubliners/The Manchester Rambler/30 Years A-Greying
  4. Dubliners/Wild Rover/The Definitive Transatlantic Collection
  5. Four Men & a Dog/Another Irish Rover/Shifting Gravel
  6. Patrick Street/Wild Rover No More/Live etc
  7. Cherish the Ladies/The Galway Rover/New Day Dawning
  8. Planxty/The Rambling Suiler/Between the Jigs & the Reels
  9. Doolin/Itinerant Singing Boy/Doolin
  10. Andy Hedges/Rambler Gambler/Long Ways from Home
  11. Andy Hedges/Roving Gambler/City Boys
  12. Dubliners/I’m a Rover/A Drop of the Hard Stuff
  13. Clancy Brothers/The Irish Rover/50 Greatest Hits