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After hosting folk music shows on KUT and KUTX for over 40 years, Ed now has a new home on solar-powered Sun Radio. “Across the Pond” can be streamed every Sunday 4-5pm (CST) at  on line anywhere or by going to the app and clicking on Listen Live

This is a musical Atlantic bridge featuring music from both Scotland/Ireland/England AND the USA, making connections whenever possible. Ed’s love and vast knowledge of folk music shows through in the myriad of themes and topics he splices together.

Playlists from each show can be seen below or on the Facebook page “Across the Pond with Ed Miller


ACROSS THE POND 19 MARCH 2023   – Irish in Scotland & England

  1. Paul McKenna Band/The Mickey Dam/Elements
  2. Al O’Donnell/Crooked Jack/Al O’Donnell
  3. Kevin Mitchell/Paddy in Glasgow/I Sang That Sweet Refrain
  4. John F O’Donnell/The Tunnel Tigers/The End of the Shift
  5. Frank Harte/Tunnel Tigers/There’s Gangs of Them Digging
  6. Paddy Reilly/McAlpine’s Fusiliers/Legends of Irish Folk Vol.1
  7. Ed Miller & Rich Brotherton/London Town/Follow the Music
  8. Mike McGoldrick et al/Paddy in the Smoke/Transatlantic Sessions 3
  9. Barry Dransfield/Irish Session/Wings of the Sphinx
  10. Gerry Timlin/The Irish Pub Song/Between the Earth & the Sky
  11. Christy Moore/Don’t Forget Your Shovel/The Time Has Come
  12. Donie Carroll/Murphy Can Never Go Home/Down the Slippery Gap
  13. Ralph McTell/From Clare to Here/The Songs of Ralph McTell
  14. Kevin Crawford & John Doyle/Paddy Sean Nancy’s/Carrying the Tune

ACROSS THE POND 12 MARCH 2023   Irish in America

  1. Pete Morton/From Ireland/Courage, Love & Grace
  2. Luka Bloom/City of Chicago/Refuge
  3. Mick Moloney/If It Wasn’t for the Irish & the Jews/ If it Wasn’t for the Irish & the Jews
  4. The Bucks & Ron Kavana/What a Time/Dancin’ to the Ceili Band
  5. Mick Moloney/No Irish Need Apply/Far From the Shamrock Shore
  6. Tim Henderson/No Irish Need Apply/Ballads at Grins
  7. Crannua Collective/The Civil War Song/The Crannua Collective
  8. Tom Lewis/St Patrick’s Song/360
  9. Mick Moloney/St Patrick’s Day Parade/McNally’s Row of Flats
  10. Bing Crosby/St Patrick’s Day Parade/Top o’ the Morning
  11. Mick Moloney/Pat Murphy of the Irish Brigade/Far from the Shamrock Shore
  12. Jeff Warner & Jeff Davis/Pat Do This/Old Time Music on the Air V.2
  13. Mick Moloney/Paddy on the Railway/Far From the Shamrock Shore
  14. Jig Jam/Red Paddy on the Ridge/Phoenix
  15. Tom Russell/Patrick Russell/The Man from God Knows Where

ACROSS THE POND 5 MARCH 2023    Ramblers & Rovers Vol.2

  1. Andy M Stewart/Ramblin’ Rover/By the Hush
  2. Patrick Street/You Rambling Boys of Pleasure/After the Break
  3. Dubliners/The Manchester Rambler/30 Years A-Greying
  4. Dubliners/Wild Rover/The Definitive Transatlantic Collection
  5. Four Men & a Dog/Another Irish Rover/Shifting Gravel
  6. Patrick Street/Wild Rover No More/Live etc
  7. Cherish the Ladies/The Galway Rover/New Day Dawning
  8. Planxty/The Rambling Suiler/Between the Jigs & the Reels
  9. Doolin/Itinerant Singing Boy/Doolin
  10. Andy Hedges/Rambler Gambler/Long Ways from Home
  11. Andy Hedges/Roving Gambler/City Boys
  12. Dubliners/I’m a Rover/A Drop of the Hard Stuff
  13. Clancy Brothers/The Irish Rover/50 Greatest Hits

ACROSS THE POND 19 Feb. 2023   St Valentine’s Day – love songs

  1. Peggy Seeger/The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face/ Black & White
  2. Archie Fisher/Lassie o’ the Morning/Off the Map
  3. We Banjo Three/Ain’t Nobody Else Like You/String Theory
  4. Robin Laing/I Believe in You/Ebb & Flow
  5. Ivan Drever/I Will Be There/A Long December Night
  6. Scott Murray/To Roll Her in My Plaidie/Evenin’ Fa’s
  7. Paul Anderson/The Rose of Glen Davan/The High Summit
  8. Reg Meuross/I’ll Be There to Love You/England Green, England Grey
  9. Bob Knight/Meet Me on the Moor/Meet Me on the Moor
  10. Kieran Wade/The Spanish Girl/Out on the Back Road
  11. Eddi Reader/My Love is Like a Red Red Rose/The Best of Eddi Reader
  12. Delores Keane/Two Lovers/The Best of Delores Keane Vol.2
  13. Andy Irvine/The Girl from Cushendun; The Love of My Life/Abocurragh
  14. Scott Murray/We’ll Follow the Music/Evenin’ Fa’s

ACROSS THE POND 5 Feb 2023    Celtic Connections Festival Vol.2

  1. Aoife O’Donovan & Kris Drever/Transatlantic/Transatlantic
  2. Cherish the Ladies/Leddy from Cavan/Heart of the Home
  3. Karine Polwart/Ae Fond Kiss/Still as Your Sleeping
  4. Peatbog Faeries/Teuchstar/Beginner’s Guide to Scottish Folk
  5. Kate Rusby/Walk the Road/Make the Light
  6. Alastair MacDonald/Lock the Door Lariston/Velvet & Steel
  7. Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys/When the Reivers call/Pretty Peggy
  8. Karen Casey/Eppie Morrie/The Winds Begin to Sing
  9. Duncan Chisholm/The Exile Reels/Conaich
  10. Eliza Carthy/The Company of Men/Wayward Daughter
  11. Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham/Charlie Hunter’s Jig; The Mouse in the Cupboard; The Rosewood/The Best of Aly & Phil
  12. Julie Fowlis/Hug Air a Bhonaid Mhoir/Beginner’s Guide to Scottish Folk
  13. John Carty/Sligo Maid; London Lasses/Yeh, That’s All It Is

ACROSS THE POND 29 Jan 2023    Celtic Connections Festival Vol.1

  1. John McCusker/Bobby; Bag o’ Plums /John McCusker
  2. Archie Fisher/Bonnie Annie Laurie/A Silent Song
  3. John Doyle & Mick McAuley/General Owen Rae/John Doyle & Mick McAuley
  4. Le Vent du Nord/Le Souhait/Tromper le Temps
  5. Anna Massie/Dad’s Landrover/Glad Company
  6. Siobhan Miller/The Last Licht/Shadows Tall
  7. Hannah Rarity/’Neath the Gloamin’ Star at E’en/’Neath the Gloamin’ Star at E’en
  8. Breabach/Coisich a Ruin/Astar
  9. Cormac Begley/The Hare in the Corn; Cronin’s/Na Fir Bolg
  10. Jim Malcolm/McPherson’s Rant/Still
  11. Pete Clark/Dunkeld Bridge; Loch Earn;The Perthshire Assembly/Even Now
  12. Cara Dillon/Spencer the Rover/Hill of Thieves
  13. Dervish/The Trip to Sligo/Live in Palma

ACROSS THE POND 22 JAN 2023    Songs of Robert Burns

  1. Alan Reid/Rantin Rovin Robin/The Sunlit Eye
  2. Andy M Stewart/Green Grow the Rashes/Songs of Robert Burns
  3. Eddi Reader/Ae Fond Kiss/The Best of Eddi Reader
  4. Rod Paterson/Rattlin Roarin Willie/Complete Songs of R.B. Vol 1
  5. Karine Polwart/The Lea Rig/Fairest Floo’er
  6. Arthur Johnstone/Scots Wha Hae/Complete Songs of R.B. Vol.2
  7. Alasdair Fraser; Natalie Haas & Muriel Johnstone/Hey Tuti Taitie etc/Legacy of the Scottish Fiddle Vol.2
  8. Alan Reid/The Collier Laddie/Complete Songs of R.B. Vol.2
  9. Ed Miller/Ca the Yowes/Lyrics of Gold
  10. Lesley Hale/The Ploughman/Complete Songs of R.B. Vol.4
  11. Ragged Glory/Ye Banks and Braes/Quiet Joys
  12. Jim Malcolm/The Shepherd’s Song/Complete Songs of R.B. Vol.4
  13. Ian Bruce/The Tailor Fell thro’ the Bed/Rhythm & Burns
  14. Ed Miller & Karine Polwart/Auld Lang Syne/Lyrics of Gold

ACROSS THE POND 15 JAN 2023    Songs from the Scottish Borders Vol.2

  1. Siobhan Miller/Johnie o’ Breadislee/Scott’s Songs
  2. Gary Cleghorn/Auld Selkirk/The Floo’ers o’ the Forest
  3. Drinker’s Drouth/The Soutars o’ Selkirk/The Floo’ers o’ the Forest
  4. Lucy Pringle/Armstrong’s Goodnight/Scott’s Songs
  5. Devil’s Water/Hughie Graeme/Treading the Marches
  6. Old Blind Dogs/The Earl of March’s Daughter/Room with a View
  7. Ed Miller/Rivers & Reivers/Lowlander
  8. Bob Liddle/Mertoun Bridge et al/Softly Flows the Tweed
  9. Archie Fisher/Borderland/Off the Map
  10. Archie Fisher/The Black Horse/Sunsets I’ve Galloped into
  11. Archie Fisher/The Kielder Hunt/Archie Fisher
  12. Broom Besoms/Alston Flower Show etc/Wine for a Mug
  13. Gary West/The Floo’ers o’ the Forest/The Floo’ers o’ the Forest


  1. Karine Polwart/January Man/Lau- Evergreen
  2. John Doyle/The Month of January/Wayward Son
  3. Claire Hastings/Come Spend a While wi Me/Come Spend a While wi Me
  4. Piper Jones Band/The Taoist’s Tale; Rachael’s Wild Horses/Take to the Skies
  5. Piper Jones Band/The Mountains of Pomeroy/Take to the Skies
  6. Jim & Susie Malcolm/Auld Toon Shuffle/Auld Toon Shuffle
  7. Jim & Susie Malcolm/The Kelty Clippie/Auld Toon Shuffle
  8. Kevin Mitchell/Paddy in Glasgow/I Sang That Sweet Refrain
  9. The Alt/Stolen Butter; Biddy Early’s Reel; The Salamanca/Day Is Come
  10. John Doyle & Mick McAuley/Abe Carmen/John Doyle & Mick McAuley
  11. Tannahill Weavers/Orach/Orach

ACROSS THE POND 1 JAN 2023    New Year – welcome to 2023

  1. The Paton Family/Ring in the New Year/Twas on a Night
  2. Ed Miller/Come Fill up Your Glasses/Never frae My Mind
  3. Pete Coe/Bring the New Year in/Long Company
  4. Patsy O’Brien/Good Times Coming/Irish Guitar
  5. We Banjo 3/We All Need More Kindness in the World/Roots of the Banjo Tree
  6. Tommy Sands/We Will Rise Again/Beyond the Shadows
  7. Pete Clark/Farewell to Whisky etc/Even Now
  8. Lisa Gutkin/From Here on in/From Here on in
  9. The Klezmatics/I’m Gonna Get through This World/Wonder Wheel
  10. Kate Rusby/Walk the Road/Make the Light
  11. Two for the Road/Seize the Day/Ordinary Man
  12. Tommy Sands/The Laggan Side/Arising from the Troubles
  13. Colum Sands/January Child/Song Bridges

Ed Miller & Karine Polwart/Auld Lang Syne/Lyrics of Gold



  1. The Chieftains/The Bells of Dublin/The Bells of Dublin
  2. The Irish Rovers/Bells over Belfast/An Irish Christmas
  3. Kate Rusby/Sweet Bells/Sweet Bells
  4. Barra MacNeills/The Very First Christmas/The Christmas Album II
  5. The Fire/Christmas Carol Medley/Very Scottish Christmas
  6. Mick Moloney/Miss Fogarty’s Christmas Cake/An Irish Christmas
  7. Martin Wyndham Read/Once in Royal David’s City/Comfort & Joy
  8. Sheena Wellington/Christ Child’s Lullaby/A Christmas Celtic Sojourn
  9. Ed Miller/Christmas Carol/Nollaig Chridheil
  10. Cherish the Ladies/Ding Dong Merrily on High/On Christmas Night
  11. Mick Moloney/The Bushes of Jerusalem/An Irish Christmas
  12. Ed Miller/Christmas Card/Nollaig Chridheil
  13. Maddie Prior/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/Comfort & Joy
  14. Artisan/The Holly & The Ivy/Bygone Christmas
  15. The Fire/Jingle Bells Medley/Very Scottish Christmas

ACROSS THE POND 18 Dec 2022    Songs from the Scottish Borders Vol.1

  1. John Wright/The Battle of Otterburn/Fyre and Sword
  2. The Corries/Black Douglas/A Little of What You Fancy
  3. Jim & Susie Malcolm/Johnnie Armstrong/Auld Toon Shuffle
  4. Cowboy Celtic/The Betrayal of Johnnie Armstrong/The Drover Road
  5. Ed Miller & Karine Polwart/The Rolling Hills of the Borders/Never frae My Mind
  6. Old Blind Dogs/Gala Water/New Tricks
  7. Billy Jackson/Mary Scott of Yarrow/Land of Light
  8. Karine Polwart/The Dowie Dens o’ Yarrow/Fairest Floo’er
  9. Tannahill Weavers/Till the Kye Come Hame/Live & In Session
  10. Silly Wizard/The Broom of the Cowdenknowes/Live Again
  11. Kathryn Tickell/Redesdale/The Gathering

ACROSS THE POND 11 DEC 2022 – A belated St Andrew’s Day show

  1. The Corries/Flower of Scotland/Live in Scotland Vol.1
  2. Dougie MacLean/Caledonia/Craigie Dhu
  3. William Jackson & Mairi McInnes/Land of Light/Land of Light
  4. Battlefield Band/The Same Old Story/Threads
  5. The McAlmans/Scots Abroad/Scots Abroad
  6. Emily Smith/Caledonia/Too Long Away
  7. Jim Malcolm/Sweet Home Caledonia/Disaster for Scotland
  8. Ed Miller & Rich Brotherton/Scotland’s Story/Come Awa wi Me
  9. Dick Gaughan/No Gods/Sail On
  10. Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas/Freedom Come All Ye/Ports of Call
  11. Arthur Johnstone/Freedom Come All Ye/Doon through the Years
  12. Bruce Davies/Jock Tamson’s Bairns/Till a’ the Seas Gang Dry
  13. Archie Fisher/Rolling Home to Caledonia/Off the Map


(This show is a repeat of one first aired on 21 Nov 2021)

  1. Jeannie Robertson/The Gypsy Laddies/The Great Scots Ballad Singer
  2. Archie Fisher/Three Gypsies/Archie Fisher
  3. Davie Graham/Seven Gypsies/Folk, Blues & Beyond
  4. Emily Smith/Gypsy Davy/Traiveller’s Joy
  5. Clare Hastings/Seven Gypsies/Those Who Roam
  6. Derek McCormick/The Gypsy Rover/Legends of Irish Folk 2
  7. Planxty/Raggle Taggle Gypsy/Planxty
  8. Frank Proffitt/Gyps of David/Traditional Songs & Ballads of Appalachia
  9. Sheila Kay Adams/Black Jack Davy/My Dearest Dear
  10. Bob Dylan/Gypsy Davey/Good As I Been to You
  11. Woody Guthrie/Gypsy Davy/This Land Is Your Land
  12. Incredible String Band/Black Jack David/Across the Airwaves
  13. Don Edwards/Gypsy Davey/West of Yesterday
  14. Taj Mahal/Blackjack Davey/Mo’ Root

ACROSS THE POND 27 NOV 2022   Songs of the Sea

  1. Davey Steele/Farewell to the Haven/People & Songs of the Sea
  2. Barry Dransfield/I Once Was a Fisherman/Be Your Own Man
  3. Tannahill Weavers/The Jeannie C/Orach
  4. Cilla Fisher/The Isle of May/People & Songs of the Sea
  5. Piper Jones Band/Hey Cascade/The Wandering Stars
  6. Robbie O’Connell/Sailor’s Rest/Clancy, O’Connell & Clancy
  7. Seamus Kennedy/The Sailor’s Alphabet/Sailing Ships & Sailing Men
  8. Les Barker/Disaster at Sea/The War on Terrier
  9. John Doyle & Mick McAuley/Life Upon the Ocean/John Doyle & Mick McAuley
  10. John Doyle/Captain Glenn/Wayward Son
  11. Donal Clancy/South Australia/Clancy, O/Connell & Clancy
  12. Lou Killen/Haul Away for Rosie/Sailors, Ships & Shanteys
  13. Tom Lewis/A Sailor Ain’t a Sailor/Surfacing
  14. The Gaugers/Haul Away the Bowline/Awa wi the Rovin’ Sailor
  15. Tom Lewis/New York Girls/Tinker,Tailor, Soldier, Singer
  16. Men Of Worth/The Eriskay Fishing Boats/The Pattern Dance


ACROSS THE POND 20 NOV 2022  – songs of the herring fishing life

  1. The Gaugers/The Herring is the King of the Sea/Awa wi’ the Rovin’ Sailor
  2. Battlefield Band/The Great White Herring/Lineup
  3. Dave Burland/The Shoals of Herring/Benchmark
  4. The Brown Sisters/Silver Darlings/Silver Darlings
  5. Battlefield Band/Silver Darlings/Music in Trust
  6. Tannahill Weavers/Farewell Ye Silver Darlin’s/Leaving St Kilda
  7. Ian Bruce/Tatties & Herrin’/Hodden Grey
  8. John Conolly/Bonnie Fisher Laddie/Trawlertown
  9. Malinky/The Trawling Trade/3 Ravens
  10. John Conolly/Fiddler’s Green/Trawlertown
  11. Ian Campbell Folk Group/Its Busk Busk me Lads/Singing the Fishing
  12. John Conolly/Married to Trawlerman/Trawlertown
  13. Jock Duncan/Come a’ Ye Fisher Lassies/Tae the Green Woods Gaen
  14. Janet Russell & Christine Kydd/The Fisherman’s Wife/People & Songs of the Sea
  15. Alex Hodgson/Fisherow Belles/Jeelie Jars & Coalie Backies
  16. Ed Miller & Rich Brotherton/Mistress/Generations of Change

ACROSS THE POND  13 Nov 2022 was a repeat of an earlier show


  1. Daoiri Farrell/A Pint of Plain/A Lifetime of Happiness
  2. Seamus Kennedy/General Guinness/Let the Music Take You Home
  3. Ulla/Mattie/Ulla
  4. The Irish Rovers/A Dublin Pub Crawl/Drunken Sailor
  5. Gerry Timlin/The Irish Pub Song/Between the Earth and the Sky
  6. Christy Moore/Lisdoonvarna/Ride On
  7. The Irish Rovers/Trust in Drink/Drunken Sailor
  8. Ken Campbell/Tune for November/Hand Pict
  9. Ian Bruce & Ian Walker/November Grey/Born to Rottenrow
  10. Tannahill Weavers/Gordon Duncan Set/Orach
  11. John Doyle & Mick McAuley/Life upon the Ocean/John Doyle & Mick McAuley
  12. John Doyle/The Arabic/Shadow and Light
  13. Altan/Templehouse Strathspey & Reel/The Gap of Dreams

ACROSS THE POND 30 Oct 2022 

Cowboy singer Don Edwards passed away last week –

  1. Don Edwards/Coyotes/Goin’ Back to Texas
  2. Don Edwards/Gypsy Davey/West of Yesterday

Austin Celtic Festival performers

3.Altan/Johnny Boyle’s; King of the Pipers/Blackwater

  1. Mairtin de Cogain/Away Down the Marina/From Cork with Love
  2. John Doyle & Mick McAuley/General Owen Roe/John Doyle & Mick McAuley
  3. Tannahill Weavers/Geese in the Bog; Jig o’ Slurs/Live & in Session
  4. Tannahill Weavers/Jessie the Floo’er o’ Dunblane/Orach
  5. The Here and Now/Chicago, Chicago/Ladybird
  6. John Doyle & Mick McAuley/Abe Carmen/John Doyle & Mick McAuley
  7. Mairtin de Cogain/The Pool Song/The False Start
  8. Altan/Is the Big Man Within?/20th Anniversary Celebration
  9. Tannahill Weavers/The Shearin’s No for You/Capernaum
  10. John Doyle & Mick McAuley/The Bird Feeder/John Doyle & Mick McAuley


  1. Rorie Matheson & Graham Rorie/The Winning Bid/We Have Won the Land
  2. James Fagan & Nancy Kerr/Dance to Your Daddy/Between the Light & Dark
  3. Keiran Wade/Caledonia’s Sleeping/Out on the Back Roads
  4. Dave Gunning/The Barnyards of Delgaty/Caught between Shadows
  5. Ramblin’ Jack Elliott/Diamond Joe/The Best of the Vanguard Years
  6. John Doyle & Mick McAuley/Life on the Ocean/John Doyle & Mick McAuley
  7. Jim & Susie Malcolm/The Final Trawl/Auld Toon Shuffle
  8. Crannua Collective/The Alt/Crannua Collective
  9. Len Graham etc/Seventeen Come Sunday/Raining Bicycles
  10. Christy Moore/Magic Nights in the Lobby Bar/Magic Nights
  11. Iarla O Lionaird/The Goat Song/Foxlight
  12. Nic Jones/I Only Speak Portuguese/An Introduction to Nic Jones
  13. Iain Fraser/Davie Douglas etc/Gneiss

ACROSS THE POND 16 OCT 2022  Celtic Colours Festival, Nova Scotia

  1. Natalie & Buddy MacMaster/Glencoe Set/Celtic Colours, Forgotten Roots
  2. John Allan Cameron/My Cape Breton Shore/Glencoe Station
  3. Barra MacNeills/Coaltown Road/The Sounds of Nova Scotia
  4. Wendy MacIsaac/Willie & Wendy/That’s What You Get
  5. Mary Jane Lamond/The Soldier’s Song/Seinn
  6. Dave MacIsaac/Dan Hugh & Dan Rory/Nimble Fingers
  7. Barra MacNeills & the Chieftains/Rattlin’ Roarin’ Willie/Fire in the Kitchen
  8. Kris Drever/Braw Sailing on the Sea/Blackwater
  9. Daimh/Bog an Lochan/The Hebridean Sessions
  10. Kris Drever/Going to the North/If Wishes Were Horses
  11. Daimh/Lads & Lassies/Divisions
  12. Dave MacIsaac/Niel Gow’s Dobro/From the Archives



  1. Jim & Susie Malcolm/The Daemon Lover/Auld Toon Shuffle
  2. Frank Harte/Building up and Tearing England Down/There’s Gangs of Them Digging
  3. Frankie Gavin/The Green Fields of America/Frankie Goes to Town
  4. Frank Harte/Reap & Mow the Hay/There’s Gangs of Them Digging
  5. Altan/A Tune for Frankie/Blackwater
  6. Frankie Armstrong/The Saucy Sailor/Lovely on the Water
  7. Pete Seeger/Frankie & Johnnie/The Pete Seeger Story
  8. Jimmie Rodgers/Frankie & Johnnie/The Essential Jimmie Rodgers
  9. Frank Proffitt/Lord Randall/Traditional Songs & Ballads of Appalachia
  10. Andrew Bird/St Francis Reel/Music of Hair
  11. Frank Kelly/Hymn of Praise/Comedy Countdown
  12. Frank Murphy/The Mason’s Apron/Ballinasloe Fair
  13. Frances Black/The Sky Road/The Essential Frances Black
  14. Frank Murphy/The Rakes of Clonmel/Ballinasloe Fair


  1. Barbara Dickson/October Song/Five Songs EP
  2. Jim & Susie Malcolm/Johnny Armstrong/Auld Toon Shuffle
  3. Karine Polwart & Dave Milligan/Heaven’s Hound/Still As Your Sleeping
  4. Jim & Susie Malcolm/The Kelty Clippie/Auld Toon Shuffle
  5. Kevin Elam/Bold Young Rover/If I Were a Small Bird
  6. Sean Healy/Dean Brig o’ Edinburgh/Edge of the Bow
  7. John Doyle & Mick McAuley/Its Sunrise/John Doyle & Mick McAuley
  8. Don Gabbert/The Cuckoo/Donovan’s Fancy
  9. John Doyle & Mick McAuley/The Bird Feeder; The Banks; Annie G’s/John Doyle & Mick McAuley
  10. Eddi Reader/A Sailor’s Farewell to the Sea/Cavalier
  11. Incredible String Band/October Song/The Incredible String Band


ACROSS THE POND 25 Sept 2022

  1. The McCalmans/Festival Lights/The Greentrax Years
  2. Karine Polwart & Dave Milligan/Talk to Me of Mendocino/Still As Your Sleeping
  3. Will McMorranm/Mendocino/Glen Echo
  4. Karine Polwart & Dave Milligan/Travel These Ways/Still at Your Sleeping
  5. Kyle Warren/Eat, Sleep, Pipe, Repeat/Relentless
  6. Duncan Chisholm/The Pilgrimage/Sandwood
  7. Eddi Reader/Meg o’ the Glen/Cavalier
  8. Duncan Chisholm/Perfect Storm/Sandwood
  9. Eddi Reader/Loch Tay Boat Song/Cavalier
  10. John Doyle & Mick McAuley/Abe Carmen/John Doyle & Mick McAuley
  11. Gerry O’Connor/O’Reilly’s Greyhound etc/Last Night’s Joy
  12. John Doyle & Mick McAuley/General Owen Roe/John Doyle & Mick McAuley
  13. Keiran Wade/The Shores of Newfoundland/Across the Western Ocean

ACROSS THE POND 18 Sept 2022   Remembering Mick Moloney

  1. The Johnstons/Dublin Jack of All Trades/The Travelling People
  2. The Johnstons/30 Foot Trailer/The Travelling People
  3. Mick Moloney/Belfast Town/The Rocky Road to Dublin
  4. Greenfields of America/Here I Am from Donegal/The Greenfields of America
  5. Mick Moloney/No Irish Need Apply/Far from the Shamrock Shore
  6. Mick Moloney/My Uncle Dan McCann/Far from the Shamrock Shore
  7. Mick Moloney/McNally’s Row of Flats/McNally’s Row of Flats
  8. Mick Moloney/Maggie Murphy’s Home/McNally’s Row of Flats
  9. Various/The Leaving of Liverpool/Absolutely Irish
  10. Greenfields of America/The Ramblin’ Irish Man/Greenfields of America
  11. Mick Moloney; Seamus Egan & Eugene O’Donnell/The Maid of Mount Kisco; Dowd’s #9/3 Way Street
  12. Mick Moloney/If It Wasn’t for the Irish & the Jews/If It Wasn’t for the Irish & the Jews
  13. Cherish the Ladies/The Jolly Seven etc/Woman of the House