Across the Pond 19 Sept. 2021


  1. Cathy Jordan etc/I Am of Ireland/I Am of Ireland
  2. Dave Curley, Cillian Vallely etc/He Tells of the Perfect Beauty/I Am of Ireland
  3. Jackie Oates etc/Brown Penny/I Am of Ireland
  4. Seamie O’Dowd/The Fiddler of Dooney/I Am of Ireland


  1. Scott Murray/Afterlight/There Was a Love
  2. Donald Black/Mary K.’s Waltz/Northern Lights
  3. Corrine Hewat/There Was a Sang/There Was a Love
  4. Donald Black/Canadian Scottish/Northern Lights
  5. Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley/James & Emilie Kirkness/Northern Lights
  6. Bob Leslie/The Land of the Sioux and the Cree/The Barren Fig
  7. Gnoss/The Silver Fox/The Light of the Moon
  8. Willie Campbell & Kris Drever/Spindrift/Between Islands
  9. Maggie Adamson, Louise Bichan etc/Uist Wedding;Mairi’s Wedding; St Kilda Wedding March/Between Islands
  10. Maggie Adamson, Louise Bichan etc/Fishing Puirt; The Stronsay Weaver/Between Islands